Crepe sole or EVA foam?

Crepe sole or EVA foam?

In a less-polarised world, we wouldn't have to explain the difference between EVA foam midsoles and crepe cushioned goodness - unfortunately however, that's not the earth that we've come to know and love.

We know what you're thinking, where can I find perfection? Why doesn't this pair tick all the right boxes? What am I looking for in a sole? Fortunately, TOWER is here for that very reason. We're going to share the perks, negatives and differences between both technologies - no matter how minor.


First up, EVA foam - the impermeable cushioning beneath your favourite sandals, trainers and everything in between. At a point, this was considered a viable option beneath boots in the place of cork-and-leather construction. EVA actually stands for Ethylene-Vinyl acetate, a fundamentally comfortable foam made from blended conpolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate - pretty simple if you look at it that way!

By adding more polyethylene to the compound, you'll end up with different densities, hardness, bounce-back and so forth; this is why your EVA yoga mat feels so different to a New Balance midsole or pool-ready Birkenstock Arizona caging. When it comes to perks, EVA foam sports a closed cell structure to excel in the areas of water resistance and heat insulation - importantly, carrying a distinct level of long-term durability.


When it comes to crepe soles, the boot is quite literally on the other foot. Incase you weren't already aware, crepe is quintessentially natural rubber morphed into a soft yet impact reactive layer underfoot. Over long distance ventures or prolonged periods of wear, the 'sponginess' means you'll be tapping into plenty of cushion and give on a regular basis - yep, that means comfort! Not only that, but the lightweight sensation is a wonder to behold.

So, hear us out. Legend has it that the crepe sole was originally designed for British servicepeople executing duties in the North African desert, paired as you'd expect with hard-wearing suedey goodness - a signature combo, some would say. Despite being comfortable and somewhat battle-hardened, they do get awfully dirty rather quickly.

But, it's a shoe, get over it. And there we have it, the breakdown - pitching A against B in the right light, giving you a reason to invest in both. Truth be told, we won't be taking the crepe sole anywhere near the pool in equal part to creating a splash with EVA underfoot; but, that for you to decide.

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