The Complete History of Crocs

The Complete History of Crocs

When we take a look at the finer details, we uncover a topic of great importance - you guessed it, where did the story of CROCS actually begin? This is the history of Crocs and the sustainable practises that make them one of the best brands to wear this summer.

Fortunately, this is the road that TOWER shall be leading you down today. So, strap-up, you're in for a bumpy one!  


Crocs was the brainchild of three visionaries - Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson and George Boedbecker Jr., a project that first saw the light of day in 2002. In fact, it was Boedbecker's plan to combined all three minds after meeting each individual at different points on his own career path; it just so happens that the trio were sailing around the Caribbean when they stumbled upon an innovative boating-friendly clog.

Two years later, Crocs secured the exclusive rights to 'Foam Creations' Canadian Croslite technology, having swiftly obtained the rights to utilise their manufacturing process upon returning home. Improvements in place, surely the next logical port of call must be world domination? Without beating around the bush, this team boasted an outer-worldy bout of compatibility; with each jigsaw plug came an appropriate ravine, Seaman tweaked the design, Boedbecker became CEO and Hanson oversaw operations.


Their end-goal was to create a 'really, really, really comfortable shoe', a pair significantly more comfortable than the primary 'Beach' style. Soon after, a style specifically sculpted for the ladies hit shelves - coined the 'Nile'. Three years later, this was followed by the acquirement of Jibbitz in 2006 - those fully customisable plastic pins that fill each ventilation hole so deftly, yes, that company! This development kickstarted a string of investments, spanning from wedge-sculpting to everyday wearability - with youth comes opportunity, something that Crocs had in abundance.


And with opportunity, comes responsibility; an area of production and catering to social requirements that footwear brands should do brilliantly to consider. Much like four lettered competitor, Crocs has found a real knack for looking after those sat minutely outside of their core consumer-base. For a number of years, one pair of Crocs has been donated every single minute via the brand's 'Crocs Care' drive - a programme that allows footwear to be re-homed in less economically developed countries that require them, such as Kenya, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Fiji and many more. To push one further string within an already rife bow, Crocs has embarked on a journey towards producing net zero carbon emissions by 2030 - to give you a little insight, each pair of the Classic Clog boasts a 2.56KG CO2 EQ footprint per pair, a total considerably lower than our beloved highstreet names. This process relied heavily on four core touch points, as seen below.


Who else can shout about 100% Vegan, bio-based ingredients? Crocs became an entirely Vegan brand in 2021, integrating their bio-Croslite into every pair by means of global materials science company, Dow's, first-of-its-kind Ecolibrium technology.


Crocs isn't wasteful! By minimising waste through recycling and the injection of renewable energy, Crocs ensures not one step is made incorrectly. In fact, it's only getting better!


Shoe boxes, where? To minimise the impact of packaging on Mother Nature, Crocs now ships a majority of pairs without boxes, meaning production sways towards recyclable bags with a zip-lock mechanism.


Keep Crocs out of landfill sites, Crocs donates unsold pair to those in need. Remember the 'Crocs Care' project? There's your answer, over a quarter of a million pairs were saved from landfill in the last five years. As you've just seen, Crocs shows no signs of slowing down. Their team is knee-deep in producing a range of eye-catching styles for everyone; whether you're an emergency health worker, deck attendant or Brick Lane style icon, Crocs has the perfect pair for you! So, the phenomenal Crocs seem unstoppable as just before their tenth anniversary they had sold more than 200 million pairs in more than 90 countries, reaching sales revenues of $1 billion. Consequently, it seems the love and hate relationship of Crocs is here to stay as they continue expanding and developing their range of clogs, sandals, shoes and boots. Shop Crocs at TOWER now.