The History of Timberland's Classic 6 Inch Boot

The History of Timberland's Classic 6 Inch Boot

Founder, Nathan Swartz, began his footwear story upon partial-investment into the Abington Shoe Company - later buying out his partner and welcoming his sons into the business,

Actually, let's take a closer look at the classic 6 Inch Boot - that's the focus of today's venture, and rightly so. The Original Yellow boot, it's a corker! 

 What is the Timberland 6 Inch Boot?

Originally launched as your average, 6 inch waterproof nubuck boot, the Timberland icon was solely produced to withstand harsh weather conditions America had to offer. 

Out in Newmarket, New Hampshire, blizzards and snap rainstorms are common practise, which why Swartz introduced the waterproof Timberland boot so solve each and every problem in its path. 

Said boot hit shelves at 1973’s peak - they were hard-wearing and rugged, all thanks to Timberland’s innovative moulding technique for the innovative purpose of comfort. Whether they knew it or not, Timberland had just set an all-new standard for waterproof footwear; the legacy speaks for itself. 

From this point, that OG Yellow Boot flew into orbit - in Europe they became the symbol for everything 'Made in the USA' and Asia's scene adopted them as a statement for individuality. Everyone wore them, from boat-builders to students, isn't that great? 

Timberland in Hip-Hop

However, it's about time that we touched base with fashion - specifically, the hip hop world. Larger than life can mean a number of things, but there's only one area that really fulfils a musician's presence both on stage and running the streets. Listen to this; Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell and Rihanna to name but a few. All enormous fans of this silhouette - and you know what, we are too. 

Timberland claim that their first international sale came from an Italian gentleman, who went directly to Sidney Schwartz in ordering 600 pairs. After a transaction of this size, Schwartz wasn't expecting to hear from this fine salesman again; yet this wouldn't be the case. Two months down the line, another 600 pairs were secured as every single box had been sold. Just wow.  

So, that's the Classic 6 inch boot in all of this Taslan lace, hex-shaped brass eyelet glory - the quality, consistency and waterproof nubuck all remain the same to this day. However, the changes? The fact that you have them on-foot. 

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