The Ultimate Guide to Crocs

The Ultimate Guide to Crocs

Crocs. Some love them, some not so much. The footwear brand that started as a boat shoe quickly became a household name, gaining a huge audience due to their comfort and practicality. 

Despite criticism for their unique design, Crocs managed to carve out a niche in the footwear industry. And, they gave their customers a way to express themselves in a casual and fun way other footwear brands couldn’t compare.

In this guide to Crocs, we take a deep dive into the who, what, and why of all things Croc-related. We explore their push to be a net-zero business, if they’re really true to size, and their ever-growing collections. 

Let’s get into the world of Crocs.

What are Crocs?

Crocs are one of the most well-known footwear options on the market. They’ve been somewhat of a hot topic over the last 20 years. Crocs are a slip-on shoe made from innovative foam, providing extreme comfort! 

A commitment to the environment

When Crocs first hit the scene, they used a Croslite™ technology, which they later gained exclusive rights to. Fast forward to 2021, Crocs announced its commitment to become a net-zero brand by 2030. Evolving the materials used played a big role here. 

They now have a bio-based Croslite™ material to help lower their carbon footprint. This also meant Crocs left animal-based products at the door and have been 100% vegan ever since. In a bid to do more for the environment, they also operate an ‘Old Crocs. New Life’ system. This is when Crocs redistribute products to help with reuse and recycle. 

Learn more about the sustainability of Crocs.

Are Crocs true to size?

Yes! Crocs are true to size. So there’s no need to size up or down. However, Crocs have a few different types of fit and comfort levels. Croc fit options are: standard, relaxed, or roomy. And for their comfort levels, choose between:

  • Iconic Crocs 

Original foam cushion and support. Using their OG Croslite™ technology.

  • Dual Crocs

Deeper cushion with all-day support.

  • Triple Crocs

The Croc with the biggest cushion, the Triple Croc is ideal for those who plan on wearing them for extended periods of time.

The original Croc

In 2002, three friends Lyndon Hanson (also known as Duke), Scott Seamans, and George Boedbecker Jr. created the clogs we know and love today. The three pals wanted to create a shoe that could be worn while pottering about the house to sailing on a boat. The clogs were made from a Croslite™ technology, creating a shoe that could be used in almost any environment. 

Crocs were developed with signature holes for ventilation and easy drying capabilities for those wetter environments. But that’s not all. Their signature holes paved the way for personalisation. This is where our funky Jibbitz come into play.

What are Jibbitz?

Jibbitz are the best way of adding a personal touch, colour, or interests to a pair of Crocs. This tapped into the trend of customization and personal expression, further enhancing the brand's appeal. Primarily made for children to enjoy, Jibbitz soon became very popular for all ages. Jibbitz were first launched in 2004 and the Jibbitz brand was acquired by Crocs in 2006.

The rise of Croc popularity

Crocs has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to market trends and consumer preferences. Despite initial criticism and fashion debates, the brand has remained relevant and experienced a significant resurgence in popularity in recent years.

There are lots of key factors that contributed to the rise of Crocs’ ongoing surge in popularity. But celebrity endorsements and their strive for self-expression have got to be at the top of the list. Crocs are unapologetically themselves. 

There’s no room for judgement or negativity when it comes to a pair of Crocs. They were even named the ugliest shoes in the world. But did they care? Absolutely not.

Justin Bieber x Crocs Classic 

One of the more recent contributors to Croc-loving folk endorsement and collaboration with artists like Justin Bieber. Justin opened the world of Crocs to a younger demographic.

Post Malone Jibbitz

Another endorsement was with the hugely popular Post Malone, this elevated the brand's status and made them much more appealing. 

These partnerships not only boosted the brand's visibility but also positioned Crocs as a trendy and desirable product.

Notable Croc collaborations

Other endorsements include an artist collaboration with Luke Combs, Yang Mi, and a luxury brand collaboration with Barneys New York. And, Paris Fashion Week recently saw the launch of Crocs x MSCHF Big Yellow Boot. It’s taken the internet by storm and we can’t look away! This collaboration is one to look our for, so come to TOWER for updates.

In recent history, Salehe Bembury, Creative Director, collaborated with Crocs to release the reimagined iconic clog: the Pollox Clog. Salehe Bembury incorporated his creative vision and personal aesthetic into the collaboration, resulting in a fresh and unconventional take on the classic clog silhouette. 

Do Crocs mould to your feet? 

Yes, Crocs do naturally mould to the shape of your feet. They aren’t exactly designed to do this. However, their Croslite™ and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) materials are both lightweight and can be quite flexible. Although they can feel somewhat stiff when you first wear them, they will soften as you wear them more often. 

Are Crocs unisex?

There is no definitive reason both men and women can’t wear Crocs. The only differences we can see between the ‘mens’ are generally darker-toned, and ‘womens’ Crocs are a slightly more femme aesthetic. However, this shouldn’t deter you from choosing the style and colour you like! 

Crocs are unisex and are a great way of expressing yourself, so grab your favourite colour clogs and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Croc silhouettes 

Of course, we love a classic clog, but there’s much more where that came from! Other Crocs silhouettes include:


Everyone’s favourite Croc - the classic. The original Croc silhouette is one of the most recognisable clogs on the market. 


Shop Classic Croc

Flip flops

Crocs' famous Croslite™ foam material technology blends with the flip flop’s platform and textured heeled sole to mould to your foot and provide ultimate comfort.


The classic Crocs with a twist. The platform slides are features the signature Croslite foam and are made of a durable, lightweight material that are totally water-resistant. 


Shop Croc Slides


Cosier than the usual clogs, the Classic Croc Crush. They’ll keep your feet comfortable all day. And, their iconic style is one to love, with a lightweight and flexible construction and a bold design.

Shop Classic Croc Crush

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