This Week’s Family Favourites – Vol. 45

This Week’s Family Favourites – Vol. 45

For Volume 45 of TOWER’s footwear selects, we’re going to mix things up a bit. Whilst you may be accustomed to the best and freshest pairs pulled from our last seven days of deliveries being featured, this week we’re going to draw particular focus towards one brand and one brand only. Who might this be? Well… 

No, no guesses? It could only be one, New Balance! 

These days, New Balance takes pride of place in footwear collections across the globe, drawing high-profile collaborations from all four corners whilst spearheading a movements dictated by revisiting archival catalogues and highlighting all-new, all-exciting technology-ridden silhouettes. 

New Balance have remained true to their core brand ethos since day one - providing well made, comfortable footwear for everyone from the biggest collector, or sportspeople competing in career-defining trials. 

Now, we’re not so interested in setting records here at TOWER - instead, we’d like to cast a spotlight over a handful of our favourite styles. This lifestyle doesn’t call for speed, so if that’s what you’re looking for, we’ll catch you later! 

New Balance 327 

As it stands, the 327 is one of our most worn New Balance silhouettes for the simple reason that it looks clean without pushing the boundaries too far. Regardless of palette and material breakdown, you’ll find a pointed toe up front and a bumped rolling pad at the heel. 

New Balance 480 

This look like they’re ready to hit the courts, what do you think? By combining a need for durability with timeless design, New Balance have reintroduced the classic BB680 under an all-new tagline - this is the NB 480, remember the name. 


New Balance 550 

Classic, classic, classic. Steven Smith’s brainchild and cornerstone for modern footwear trends. Need we say more? Go on then…  

When NB’s 550 hit shopfloors for the first time, they didn’t look so different to how we see them today; each pair was clad in smooth leather, perforated panelling and mesh components complimentary of plumped-up profile branding. In comparison to technology found within competing performance-wear, NB kept it simple, spotlighting their knack for timeless designs.


New Balance 530 

Performance in its modern, street-savvy form - the New Balance 530 is an example of everyday styling that doesn’t compromise on comfort. After launching in '92 as one of the sporting industry's most innovative performance runners, the 530 soon became a favourite amongst TOWER’s family of fashionistas. 

Wide-set mesh, premium leather, plush suedes and a lot of technology for the price-tag; you could lace-up an ENCAP and ABZORB-clad performance shoe, without looking estranged on the runway.