TOWER Family: Giving accessories some attention

TOWER Family: Giving accessories some attention

Footwear? Check! Sunshine? Check! Accessories? We’ve got you sorted.

This season, TOWER has gone one step further in securing the best accessories to complete your weekend outfits - meaning, we’ve freed-up more time for fun, memories and adventure!

Find the style you’re looking for below, select a brand that ticks every box and checkout! It couldn’t be easier.

Sometimes, our favourite accessories are the ones hidden from plain sight.

So, keep up appearance with a selection of essential HUGO caps up top, whilst Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Puma do what they do best - supplying simply styled everyday comfort wearable from head to toe.

If it’s not TOWER, it’s not family!

Gather around as we announce the latest member to join TOWER’s family circle - welcome, Juicy Couture!

Their rise to the top was born from a craving for luxury clothing as it spread like wildfire through late ‘90s LA; introducing tracksuit culture and loud branding to a consumer with a taste for the finer things in life.

From track suits spawned handbags, footwear, fragrances. If you can name it, the team at Juicy has touched it!

So, where did their story start? What influenced the tracksuit wave that we all know and love?

Head over to the TOWER Blog for a closer look at Juicy Couture’s story, or join us at and slip into our range of great products for yourself!

What springs to mind when you think of Calvin Klein?

Underwear may be your go-to - however, consider introducing CK headwear into this season’s sunny rotation.

Nothing says summer like box-fresh trainers and socks that are hot off the press - so, TOWER has put together a sock-option edit, just for our footwear family!

Browse accessories from our beloved Calvin Klein available both in-store and online now.

Break in our rotation ready styles, with help from Dr. Martens’ knowledge for all things footwear! If extra padding, arch support and blister protection catch your eye, perhaps we have the pair for you…

Whether you opted for the iconic 1460, low-cut 1461 or strapped yourself into a Quad-sole Clarissa II, make Dr. Martens Athletic Logo socks your number one choice.