This week’s family favourites – Vol. 38

This week’s family favourites – Vol. 38
Every week, the team at TOWER HQ takes a moment to chop-up everything that has appeared on our shelves over the past seven days. What's the catch? If it dropped and flew, it's already too late! Everything you'll find here is ready to be bagged, stacked and laced-up at a time that suits you. Oh, and guess what? We're pulling no punches today...

Good news, we’ve finally done it - we’ve pulled all of our favourite styles into one blog just for you. The good, the great and the glorious, all in one place donning a particular focus on some of the most exciting footwear available at right now.


These are cool, these are very, very cool. Sporting an upper made of Alveo mesh (that's 100% recycled plastic bottles, believe it or not!) and panels that utilise both vegan suede coated canvas, the SDU REC is a jersey-lined runner that's ready for anything; specifically, ready to make a difference. Made in Brazil, the midsole is 53% sugarcane and underfoot you'll find 12% Amazonian forest rubber, of course.

4. New Balance 550

New Balance debuted the 550 basketball trainer in 1989, just nine years after TOWER first opened its doors to London’s footwear community. It served as a lower-cut alternative to the 650, another style a New York fashion-house has played a vital role in re-launching more recently. In fact, both were designed and handled by Mr Steven Smith himself, the great mind behind a number of landmark New Balance, Reebok and Fila styles amongst others...

3. New Balance 327

Diving heel from tongue, you’re able to find elements of four archival silhouettes throughout the 327 at differing points of the design process - layering previously seen panel templates over one another to give an impression of recognisable newness.

A final reference of palette was made to both the 355 and Supercomp, whereas preliminary outsole curvature was sculpted by chopping up sheets of outsole rubber.

Finally, you may be wondering how ‘327’ was born. In 1976, New Balance first launched their ’N’ logo with help from a certain 320, a silhouette that was soon heralded as a runner’s number one choice in footwear by Runner’s World magazine and blessed with the same asymmetric, wraparound outsole seen beneath its modern counterpart.

2. Saltwater Boardwalk sandal

Oh hello, what've we got here? A softsole sandal built with comfort in mind? Yep, that's exactly what we have! Taking cues from vintage design, the Boardwalk boast a buckle at the front, a softer sole underfoot and caters for both wide and narrow feet.

1. Fila Raid

Finding its feet in 1911 as a textile shop owned by two brothers, FILA distributed sewing materials to those in the local area - ultimately, supporting people at the brand’s heart from day one. After ten years of immense growth at the foot Italy’s Alps, a leap was taken into knitwear where sweatshirts, scarves and jumpers were explored, altered and conquered.

Word of such a brand left Biella and spread across Italy, leading to a Fila Fratelli company merger in 1942 and another 25 years of knit-based success unquestionably set in stone.